2021 Year in Review

The ups and downs of 2021.

SuperFriendly 2021 Wrap-Up

SuperFriendly’s worst year to date and one of my biggest professional failures. Time for a big change.

It’s Easier to Revise than Create

How to hack starting from scratch to make something great.

Weeknotes: May 30 – June 5, 2021

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: May 23 – May 29, 2021

Highlights from the week.

Building Momentum

What should you do when you feel like your projects are going slower than you’d like?

Weeknotes: May 16 – May 22, 2021

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: May 9 – May 15, 2021

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: May 2 – May 8, 2021

Highlights from the week.

Play with Arcade

Our new design token manager is now officially open to the public.

Support Systems for Learning

Defining and examining 10 different ways people learn.

Weeknotes: January 10–January 16, 2021

Highlights from the week.

My Typical Day

Wake up to bedtime.

Weeknotes: January 3–January 9, 2021

Highlights from the week.

2020 Year in Review

The ups and downs of 2020.

SuperFriendly 2020 Wrap-Up

A look back at SuperFriendly in 2020.

Weeknotes: December 20–December 26, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: December 13–December 19, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: December 6–December 12, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: November 29–December 5, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: November 22–November 28, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: November 15–November 21, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: November 8–November 14, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: October 11–October 17, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: September 20–September 26, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: September 13–September 19, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: September 6–September 12, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: August 30–September 5, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: August 2–August 8, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: July 26–August 1, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: July 19–July 25, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: July 12–July 18, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: July 5–July 11, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: June 28–July 4, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: June 14–June 20, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: June 7–June 13, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: May 31–June 6, 2020

Highlights from the week.

A Syllabus for Web Design & Web Development Apprenticeships

An intentional way to teach web design and web development from scratch.

Weeknotes: May 17–May 23, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: May 10–May 16, 2020

Highlights from the week.

A CEO’s COVID-19 Calendar

A daily routine for a COVID-19 world.

Weeknotes: May 3–May 9, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: April 5–April 11, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: March 29–April 4, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: March 22–March 28, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: March 15–March 21, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: March 8–March 14, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: March 1–March 7, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Weeknotes: February 23–February 29, 2020

Highlights from the week.

Better Webcam Video

Stepping up quality for video calls.

2019 Year in Review

The ups and downs of 2019.

SuperFriendly in 2020

Looking forward to a new kind of year for SuperFriendly by looking back at the past few years.

The Hot Potato Process

A better way for designers and developers to truly work together

Communication Arts Interactive 2020

A rundown of the kind of work I want to see awarded in this year’s competition.

Avengers: Endgame

My review. Major spoilers included.

Typography in Design Systems

A typographic system that optimizes for guessability.

My Experience with Laser Eye Surgery

A play-by-play.

Break-Even Points for Value Pricing

Understanding client expectations for results will help you create great pricing options.

Designer + Developer Collaboration Workshop

Recapping our Philly workshop.

Starting a Design System

What are the first steps?

2018 Year in Review

The ups and downs of 2018.

Clients by Brand Color

Celebrating clients over the years.

Passing the SuperBooked Baton

New leadership for SuperBooked.

Design Systems: Mastering Design at Scale

A video series in partnership with InVision

Work With Me to Redesign the Shop Talk Show Website

An opportunity for someone who might not have it otherwise.

How to Be Good at Work

A modified transcript from my talk at Frontend Conference Zurich.

A Portfolio Hiring Managers Can’t Deny

Tell ’em exactly what they want to hear before they even ask.

Designer + Developer Workflow

A real view into at what collaborative workflow looks like.


Need to hire an illustrator? Look no further.

Smashing Conference Toronto 2018

Reflections from a speaker about doing a new (kind of) talk.

Distinct Design Systems

What makes a design system better than any other?

The Only-ness Statement

A simple brand exercise that speaks volumes.

How to Scope Work

A skill that separates the amateurs from the professionals.

Stealing Your Way to Original Designs

There’s nothing new under the sun.

Design Systems: Pilots & Scorecards

Pilots are a great way to start a design system.

Bad News. Good News. So What?

A simple framework for effective storytelling.

Cooking with Design Systems

Design systems make deciding in the browser much easier if you have the right ingredients.


Using an investment framework to help evaluate what’s worth doing.

Setting up Windows

The first few days on a Windows machine.

Opening Windows

I’m switching to Windows.

Voting for Trump is Unbiblical

Measuring Trump against the Bible’s criteria for leaders.


A 3-step formula for accountability between yourself and those you interact with.


Announcing SuperBooked, a service that helps you find work with a little help from your friends.

Researching Design Systems

An inventory of the most popular design systems out there.


Apprenticeships are a fantastic solution to bridge the gap between opportunity in tech and those in need of change.

Thanks, Mike Davidson

Great writing from Mike really brings me back.

Selling Design Systems

How to convince your boss that a design system is a good idea.

Oil Change & Pizza

Death to “full service.”

Permission Slips

To overcome your fears, you need [permission] to try something different.

Content & Display Patterns

Embracing the difference in pattern types is the key to making a modular design system infinitely more scalable.

Titles are Important

Don’t believe anyone that tells you otherwise.

Interviewing Designers

Some tips on making the right hire.

I don’t have time

That magical phrase that gives you permission to brush off the things you really want to do.


Epicurrence was the most beautiful, energizing, comfortable, and relaxing uncomfortable experience I’ve had in a long time.

Time for Work

What’s the minimum amount of time we should be working per week?


Dealing with creative block.

Day One With Android

After nine years of using iOS1 – iOS7 across iPhones 1 – 6, I’m switching to Android to gain a new perspective.

Finished Business(ology)

The time has come for me to step away from Businessology.

Finding Clients

Like magnets and archaelogists.


How to start charging for your work.

How to Make a Performance Budget

A tangible way to approximate how your pages should perform.

Brooklyn Beta 2014

Celebrating my favorite industry event ever.

Creative Cloud Libraries

A new Adobe feature for designing systems.


A live 2-day tour through learning Sketch.

The Businessology Roadshow

Learn about the business of design in person.

Get Comfortable

Some advice about public speaking.

The Easiest Way to Start a Hangout

Use Google Calendar.

Radio Free Europe

An open redesign.

Visual Inventory

A design deliverable for the post-PSD era of responsive design.

On Creative Direction

A primer on creative direction as compared to art direction and design… and what they all mean in a digital context.

The Net Awards 2014

How I’m voting.

How to Get the Work You Want

Advice for anyone.

TechCrunch: A responsive redesign

The story of the new responsive TechCrunch.

The Responsive Mobile Entertainment Weekly Site

New work on a mobile responsive site for Entertainment Weekly.

Now with Responsive!

Two years later, this site is finally responsive.

Progressive Enhancement

Still alive and kickin’.

How to Build an App

Creating an app in public. Maybe.

Prequalifying Clients

Questions, answers, and hidden answers.

SVG Workflow for Designers

Create quick vector assets with really small file sizes.

The Ideas of March

The lack of blogging about the lack of blogging.

Value Pricing

Prepping for the next episode of The Businessology Show.

Leaving Four24

After just over 10 years, I’ve decided to leave my band

The 2012 SuperFriendly Annual Report

A look back at one year in business.

The Post-PSD Era

A problem of expectations.

Design Flexibility

More about the design process in the public story of a new site for Reading Is Fundamental.

Element Collages

An abstract way to document design for Reading Is Fundamental.


The first chapter in the public story of a new site for Reading Is Fundamental.

Circles Conference 2012

Recap of a great event I had the pleasure of speaking at in Dallas, TX.

Responsive Line Breaks

A small trick I use to improve readability for responsive designs.

Object Value Pricing

A barter-style pricing system for web design & dev projects.


A recent dilemma about responsibility.

Hillman Curtis

The world has lost one more great man.


Some speaking advice from Jeremy Keith.

Grok Reads

A list of some great books mentioned in Grok sessions.

Introducing SuperFriendly

Today’s my birthday. This year, I got myself a new house, a new (old) city, and my very own design studio.

Farewell, Big Spaceship

Today is my last day at Big Spaceship.


Celebrating rituals that encourage new beginnings.

What I Loved About Brooklyn Beta

Hands down the best industry event I’ve ever attended.

You, the Conference Organizer

Plan your dream conference.

Typefaces I Used This Month

Be adventurous and experiment with new faces, but don’t forget about the classics.

Photoshop Clusters

An idea for configuring Photoshop.

Why I Love the Netflix Redesign

Netflix should be applauded for their bold redesign.

Now I Have RSS



Wow. After five long years, it feels great to have a new site.

Webmaster of Your Own Domain

I get domain renewals email almost weekly. Sadly, those domains slip quietly into oblivion.


After finishing the excellent HTML5 for Web Designers by Jeremy Keith and A Book Apart, I decided to dive in head first.

Design Swap

After months of procrastination, my design swap is finally live!


I recently participated in FullCodePress, an event that challenged 3 teams to build a website for a non-profit organization in 24 hours.


Imagine that the world’s most popular monitor makers decided to revolutionize crt monitors. From now on, monitors would ship without the color Blue.

Adobe vs. Apple

I’m ready to speak plainly about Apple’s stance toward Flash.


Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of having lunch with Dave Dawson, a new friend of mine. As we talked about the industry, I shared my philosophy about staying inspired as a designer.


When properly progressively enhancing a page, you’ll often have the need to modify your layout to accommodate the new features. Here’s a little technique I’ve been using to handle this.

YouTube & Vimeo Photoshop Templates

A quick Photoshop template I created for YouTube and Vimeo videos.


Go to the address bar in your favorite browser, and type one letter. Start with “a”, end with “z.”


Three years ago, we decided to build Wikipedia for typefaces. Today, it’s live. We’re calling it Typedia.

Cogs & Spaceships

Tomorrow is my last day at Happy Cog.


Even as the web grows larger, most web presences have no such curator position, no one who really oversees and evaluates the important of content and what should be presented front and center.

Mozilla Makeover

The Mozilla Foundation has engaged us to redesign This process is a unique one; for the first time, we’re employing a design by community scenario, where our designs are open to the scrutiny of the public.


Over the last year, I’ve had the chance to participate in a wonderful project: the website redesign for the Maryland Institute College of Art. To date, it’s been one of my favorite projects ever.


These are tough times, and it’s not always clear on how to deal with it.

A Stronger, Faster Wheel

I love reusable solutions. But, sometimes, they just don’t cut it.

Subversion Client Roundup

I drank the Subversion Kool-Aid; I’m sold. But I’m not a developer. I’m a designer, and I use svn like one.


I passed a homeless man on the street today. He asked me to buy him some chips; I ignored him.

I Want to Be a Blessing

I’ll never forget some of the last words he said to me. “I want to be a blessing.”

Housing Prevents AIDS. Housing Saves Lives.

Every once in a while, you get to be involved in something amazing.

In Your Dreams

What have you always wanted to work on?

Speaking of Speaking…

I’ve been really privileged to be invited to speak at a few upcoming events. If you haven’t gotten enough of me yet, here’s where you can find me for the last half of this year…

The Dark Knight

As a movie, The Dark Knight was spectacular. As a sequel, it was fantastic. As a work of art, Heath Ledger’s finest performance. But as a Batman story, it was a let-down.

Flash Cache

Having trouble seeing the most current version every time you update a Flash movie? Here’s a quick tip to help you get over that.

Down in Front

A local college has made the mistake of hiring me to teach a web design class.

Holy Matrimony

My wedding was probably the most memorable day of my life. I’m writing about it so that, years later, I can still look back on this and remember how great it was for my wife and me.

Just Married

Sorry I haven’t been writing much lately. Been busy!

The Tyranny of a Blank Page

Whether on a computer or my sketchbook, an empty canvas is difficult to face.


It’s that time of year again, when dreams of barbecue and geeking out can happen in the same 6-block radius. It’s SXSW!


Hiring a good designer is like hiring someone to cut your hair.


I get a lot of email about it, especially from aspiring designers, so I’d like to talk about the process of building a website from start to finish.

Design by Comfort

Even now, as the title of designer graces my business card, this inferiority complex hasn’t completely dissipated, but I have found a few tricks to quell it.


I’ve had the pleasure of helping the Fog Creek team redesign the FogBugz site.


I finally caved and joined twitter, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep it up.

The Mutant Abbracroym Dilemma

How would you most semantically mark up the word “MySQL”?

What’s Next?

What would you like for me to write about?

Pick Me

This year is especially exciting for me, as I’ve finally decided to man up and submit a panel idea to SXSW.


Good friend and aspiring dancer Kevin Cornell is featured in “The Comic Issue” of Philadelphia’s citypaper. Go vote for his cartoon!

State (S)election

Every once in a while, I have to build something that sucks. It’s usually nothing more than a bore. Here’s hoping you don’t have to.

Mile Marking

Is blogging the same as online journaling? Hardly. But where does that leave online journaling?

Hi Phone

Goodbye weekend.

An Apology to the Scored or My Life without IMAP

As you may or may not have seen, I took this site down last week while I switched hosts. Now it’s back up.


This week was great for my ego.

Launch Pad

Here’s the #1 tip I give people when they ask me how to jump-start their web careers.

Soft Serve

I’ve recently gotten a lot of email, asking about specifying font sizes in css. Here’s my attempt to answer that, or at least give you the low-down on my approach.


I’m a little late to the SXSW round-up, but I have to get it out: I’m actually a bit depressed that it’s over.

Introducing swfIR

Over a year in the works, I’m proud to announce the unveiling of a project that has been very close to me.

Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

It’s a big month for Happy Cog. First, we launched our new site. Now we’ve launched a brand new project that we can be proud of.

The Agency Formerly (and Currently) Known as Happy Cog

Today, the Happy Cog site gets a long overdue refresh.

Fixed. Fluid. Elastic.

Just wanted to settle a quick misconception about the terminology concerning certain css layouts.

Flash Photography

I’ve recently (again) become enamored with photography portfolios, especially those done with Flash.

I Love My Job

Did I mention that I love my job?

Flash Course 4: Smarter Current States

A couple of quick tips as to how you can enhance a barebones Flash navigation into a “You are here” roadmap.

The Future of Slice and Dice

The designer for a new website build was kind enough to pre-cut all of the images. And therein lay the problem.

Think Pink

I’ve never considered myself very active in social issues, but this is one I’d like to bring to the forefront.

Happy Cog Philadelphia

Well, the secret is out: I’ve left the old digs and have been working for a new boss. Today marks the official grand opening of Happy Cog Philadelphia.


A midnight mystery for you all: which one of these sites is the original and which is the imposter?


Certain fonts should be retired. Here are some that just don’t make the cut.

The Overwhelmed Bookshelf

My bookshelf has given up on me. My brain will soon follow.


My grandfather was a strong man.


After 4 long years, as of June 17, 2006, school is finally over with!

Calling All Developers: We need a Switcheroo

There’s still one thing we can’t test for backward and forward compatibility: the Flash player.

Senior Project

This weekend marks the culmination of 20 weeks worth of work, namely my senior project for the digital media program at Drexel University.

Well Educated CSS

Few designers take advantage of the <body> tag. Like most tags, it can receive id and class attributes.

IE Sandwich Hack

While trying to debug some CSS on a site we were working on, Pixelworthy partners-in-crime Michael and Mark helped me to devise a new way to handle ie. I call it the IE Sandwich Hack.

Graphic Noise

Indecent Exposure

In honor of the first ever annual naked day, my site has decided to slip into something more comfortable.

Flash Course 3: ActionScript

Understanding the concept of Actionscript can make you a dangerous designer or developer, especially if you understand and practice the separation of content, presentation, and behavior.

Flash Course 2: The Timeline

The timeline is one of the most basic tools in Flash. There are instances where timeline animation is more appropriate than programmed animation.

South by Southworthy

The gang is super excited about SXSW. For some of us, it’s the very first time over to the cool kids’ table. Others are seasoned veterans. But we’re all stoked.

Flash Course 1: Intro to Flash

Let’s examine some practical and appropriate applications of Flash.

Four Things


The Christmas Type

In wrapping my Christmas presents this year, I realized that I never picked up any tags to write names on, so I decided to improvise.

About FACE

While FACE certainly a testament to the great things that the technology can now do, I’m not so sure that promotion for the use of FACE is such a great idea.

A Prelude Apart

In preparation for an event apart, I’ve got some stuff to share with the class.

The Amazon Circular

My online world is colliding with real life. I just received a circular from Amazon in the mail this morning.

Swept Under the Rug

I’ve been meaning to get to it for a while, and I’ve finally had the time to make some changes under the hood of this site.

Pipe Down

Some sites contain different approaches to what I would typically do, and, more importantly, arguably go against what could be considered best practices. One of the most common examples is the use of the vertical bar, or the pipe.

Too Much, Too Fast

I’m taking a class called “Digital Storytelling & Cultural Production.” I have to say that it looks like a very promising (but busy) upcoming couple of weeks.

A Better Beta

The Firefox I once knew and loved is lost to me. Please come home, Firefox.

Fix Your Face

Short of being a lesson in kerning, here’s a little tip in making your typography look just a little bit better.

Always and for Never

Some rules on the way to ultimate success in life.

A Man of Many Faces

There’s one thing that I’m most eager to do: organize my jumbled typeface collection.

The Trouble with Free

Well, it’s no Mike Davidson contest, but here’s your chance to benefit from my misfortune and get your very own iTunes free download.

The Art of Voicemail

To all message-leavers: please consider the following points when faced with leaving a message on a person’s voicemail.

Listed Apart

There have been a lot of mixed reactions about every portion of the new A List Apart, most prominently the design, followed by the markup, information architecture, and content.

I Blogged Your Girlfriend

Graphic tees are about as popular as bad teeth. They’re all around us, and you can’t ever miss them. I will admit, they do appeal to the designer in me.


Drexel University’s design college, the College of Media Arts & Design or CoMAD, has long been in need of a modern website to represent the excellent instruction that goes on everyday.

Using Your Powers for Evil

I have a confession to make: in the past, I have used my powers for evil. It’s not something I’m proud of, but I won’t deny it.


The kind folks over at CSS-Mania have deemed my site worthy of their gallery.

Ensuring Safe Blogging

According to today’s Metro (a free newspaper distributed at train stations), here’s how you can ensure safe blogging.

I’m Back

After almost 3 months of apparently disappearing, you can finally see why.

First Grade Typesetters

Think back to the first time you were introduced to the alphabet. Remember that chart that was hanging over the chalkboard that you always used for reference?

What Typeface are You?

Fontshop just published their I Am gallery. You’re encouraged to design and upload a 150×150 GIF or JPEG with the subject matter of which typeface embodies you.

A Musical Baton

Unexpectedly thrown into a form of virtual chain mail, here’s my response to Stan’s nomination.

Programming Like a Designer, Part 2

A play-by-play of my 2-column setup.

Electronic Ink Jobs

Electronic Ink, a user-centered design firm in Philadelphia, is looking for a few good people.

Programming Like a Designer, Part 1

The term “programming” may cause you to cringe, especially if you’re comfortable inside your usual design tools, but it can effectively take your designs to the next level.

Getting Started

Pretend that I’ve already given you the typical welcome speech.


Art Direction within Product Design…Why is it important?

Florencia Rodriguez

AIGA Portfolio Festival with Dan Mall


Kerning from the best — 5 minutes with Angela Chua

8px Magazine

The Freelancer’s Guide to Work Samples Clients Can’t Ignore


Is Comic Sans Really That Bad?


Effective Onboarding, Design Ecosystems and Why Design Thinking Still Matters

user first design

It Only Matters If We Use It — Let’s Learn Design Systems, Part 3


Treat It Like Trash — Let’s Learn Design Systems, Part 2


Intention vs. Drift — Let’s Learn Design Systems, Part 1


Why you should write a book (yes, you)

A Book Apart

A new normal for design


Remote Product Development: Why Teams Should Design and Code Together, Anywhere


Canon DSLR as a web cam

Surf the Dream

CalDigit TS3 Plus Dock

Chris Coyier

Link Pack #33


The Technical Side of Design Systems by Brad Frost


Braintactics #116


Asbury Agile Speakers Tackle Job Insecurity, Stress at October Conference

NJ Tech Weekly

Smashing Podcast Episode 1 With Andy Clarke: What Is Art Direction?

Smashing Magazine

Technically speaking: Three things we learned at Asbury Agile

JK Design

How to make your website more sustainable

Cambridge Clean Tech

Finding Your Professional Path

Anton Sten

Awards That Look Beyond the Flashy


A recap of Artifact Conf 2019

Go Make Things

Sci-Fi, Funky Art, & Life Savers

Another Design Newsletter

063 – Pricing websites with Corey Dodd

Agency Highway

Goal Setting: How to Achieve Long Term Goals

Career Cliff

20 web design books recommended by the pros


What the Web Needs Now (and how ARTIFACT is here for it)


What are UX Designer Skills? The 12 Essentials

Design Lab

5 Lessons about Design

Re: The technical side of design systems

Johan Ronsse

How to Fix Your Tech Interview to Increase Diversity

Diversify Tech

Good vibes and high fives at Dribbble’s Hang Time NYC


Kick-start your typography system in Figma


Collective #425

Bricktowntom’s Market Place

Looking back at An Event Apart Boston 2019

Alexander Skogberg

Inside InVision’s Content Strategy

Digital Uncovered

Design Systems — Chapter 4, Perceptual Patterns Summary by Alla Kholmatova

UX Planet

Design Systems - The State of the Web

Google Chrome Developers

Totally Incomplete and Utterly Unfinished List of “Non White Male” Designers to Follow and Listen to


Managing an Agency/Team

Creative AM Chats

5 mental strategies for reaching your long term goals


Everything I know about freelancing

Andy Adams

Naming Font Sizes in Design Systems

David Yeiser

Week notes #2

Nocturnal Monkey

How to Become a More Productive Software Engineer (Productivity Tips & Workflows)


Come to An Event Apart in 2019

CSS Tricks

Notes from Clarity Conf 2018

Lara Schenck

Everything You Need To Know BEFORE You Design A Great Album Cover

Dozmia Blog

Authors Answer: What are you up to now?

A Book Apart

Preventing Widows in Responsive Layouts

Working Concept

Designgineering Chronicles [WiH]: Month 5.5-6.5

Lara Schenck

Freelancing Resources

We Freelancing

Multi-Line Inline Gradient

CSS Tricks


Brad Frost

Twenty Eighteen

Dave Rupert

The 6 things every design systems pilot project needs to be successful

Inside Design

Clarity 2018


State of Design Systems 2018


The Best User Experience Design Links of 2018

Kenny Chen

Legends of Web Design

Chuck Killorin

Here’s what you missed at Clarity 2018

Stedman Halliday

Who Are Design Systems For?

Matthew Ström

A Look Back At The Smashing Conference NYC 2018

Troy Web Consulting

Awwwards Conference Learnin’s

VIA Studio

Starting strong: applying atomic design and choosing a pilot

Inside Design

Just-in-time Design


Escaping the hot dog factory


Awwwards Design Thinkers Conference 2018

Hike One

Awwwards NY Digital Thinkers Conference

Nectare Studio

Product Disrupt Half-Monthly, Nov 2018

Product Disrupt

Pricing freelance research & design services


Pixels of the Week – November 11, 2018

Stephanie Walter

SmashingConf New York 2018: That’s What It Was Like

Smashing Magazine

Collaborative Exercises for Defining Your Brand Strategy



American University

From The Heart(beat) ❤️: Leadership lessons I wished I’d learned earlier

Know Your Company

10 Pieces Of Information You Should Have On Your Freelance Website


Pricing Design


CSS-Tricks Chronicle XXXIV

CSS Tricks

Weekend Reading — Fixed objects will move


15 secrets and tips to set you up for massive freelance success

Jess Eddy


Jackie Winter Gives You the Biz

Content First, Design Second: Prototyping with Words and Adobe XD

When do Personal Projects Lose Meaning When applying to Jobs?


Developing a brand toolkit

Jennifer Hards

UX Design Weekly: Issue 202

UX Design Weekly

Collective #425

Bricktowntoms Market Place

Don't write 1,000 words a day 🙅‍♀️ - (StartupWatching #155)

Startup Watching

Agile development: why and how to use it in your web and app workflow

Creative Bloq

Tools for Testing Web Color Accessiblity

JP Reardon

Designer + Developer Workflow

Hey Designer

The secrets and science of a productive four day workweek


Positioning & Pricing Your Agency for Growth

Bureau of Digital

Designing A Modular System With Sarah Federman


Learning from Smashing Conference and making a demo

Senning Luk

Maintain a Professional Network Throughout Your UX Career

Jessica Ivins

Design System Fundamentals

Hack Design

Many illustrators design and work remotely

Remote Design Team

002 – Pricing websites with Corey Dodd

Agency Highway

Workshop experience at Smashing Conf

Armen Zambrano

The freelance business growth dilemma

The Startup

Distinct Design Systems

Hey Designer

Resources to improve your typography

UX Planet

Switching to value based pricing

Compass of Design


Anton Stén

Initiating and Adopting Enterprise Design Systems by Carl Tsui and Jen Cardello


A Comprehensive Guide to User Experience Design

Horizzon Infortech

Lessons for Leaders: The Heartbeat Interview with Dan Mall

Know Your Company

Kill the Chaos: Invest in a Design System


Should you hire a junior designer for your startup?

UX Collective

How to Scope Work


Design Systems Virtual Summit 2018

News Vally

Design Systems Virtual Summit 2018

On the Web IT

Favourite 5 books read in 2017


How to price your design project

Creative Bloq

Super8: Eight intriguing articles from December


Design Systems Handbook


How execs like Elon Musk and Richard Branson get more done in 24 hours than the rest of us

Business Insider

Elon Musk Has 24 Hours in a Day. So Do You. Here’s How He Gets More Done


Generate New York is back for 2018

Creative Bloq

Content Design and UI Mapping in a nutshell

Wolfram Nagel

The ultimate guide to productivity in the workplace and doing more meaningful work


13 Examples of the Best Email Newsletters From Around the Web


Hang Time Wrap‑Up


Insights for Aspiring Product Designers


About Face: How Changed its Design Process and became Dotdash

User Interface 22

How A Book Apart Became an Iconic Publisher in the Design Industry


Design & Vulnerability


Pricing Strategy 101: Discover the right way to charge what you’re worth


Summer Listening: 5 Revolve Conference Speaker Interview Podcasts

Marketing Mentor

Design Your Leadership to Live Beyond You

Richard Banfield

Dan Mall - “Stealing Your way to Original Designs” (also features a great breakdown of a design process)


Dann Petty—Freelancer

Interface Lovers

Stealing Your Way to Original Designs

Webdesigner News

Stealing Your Way to Original Designs

Designer News

Day One at An Event Apart DC

UX Booth

Issue 143

UX Design Weekly

Design Resources

Design Resources


Creative Inspiration & Resources

How to Meaningfully Use Your Mornings: Daily Rituals of Successful Creatives


How to Meaningfully Use Your Mornings: Daily Rituals of Successful Creatives


On Design Systems: Dan Mall Of SuperFriendly

Big Medium

The Tools I Use

An Event Apart

How to get paid on time as a freelancer


The Future of Design Tools is not Prototyping. Introducing UXPin Systems


The Future of Design Tools is not Prototyping. Introducing UXPin Systems

UXPin (Medium)

Lead Your Organization Into The Age of Experience


Frontend United Conference Athens 2017


Your Tools Don’t Define You

User Defenders

The Value of Apprenticeships

Trend Hunter

Animation in Design Systems & Process

Val Head

Having really specific things to work on empowers designers more than it makes them feel constrained

Attack the Front

Getting a seat at the table: talking internships, apprenticeships & mentorships with Dan Mall


10 People Every Aspiring Designer Should Follow on Twitter


Design Systems Are a Language. Product Is a Conversation


Weekly roundup: Tips for organizing your calendar


Atomic Design in Practice — Does It Work?


Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: A Freelancer’s Retrospective


Why I Left My Day Job for Independence


Dan Mall

Unmatched Style

Atomic Design in Practice - Does It Work?


Designer News

Dan Mall


Dan Mall (and Element Collages) to the Rescue!


Why Every Project Should be a Design Systems Project

My Problem with The Problem with Atomic CSS


Let’s Define Exactly What Atomic CSS is


Smashing Conference SF: 2017


Design Systems: Pilots & Scorecards

Brad Frost

Selling Design Sytems, by Laura Elizabeth

Smashing Conference

Design Systems: Pilots & Scorecards

Big Medium

The Most Exciting Design Systems are Boring

Big Medium

Talking Shop with Dan Mall


Highlights from O’Reilly Design 2017


Skvulp uke 12

Making Waves

Highlights from the O’Reilly Design Conference

Tech Model

Grow Volume 3: Building a Profitable Web Design Business


Meet The Next Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Special - Mirror Conf


Collective #295


Atomic Design—where science and design collide


Instagram’s Journey from Data to Knowledge


Smashing Newsletter #177

Smashing Magazine

Performance Budget

How to target class within html table via media query?

Stack Overflow

Kiss My Classname: A Counterpoint

John Polacek

Issue #248

Responsive Design Weekly

Some Thursday Reads

CSS Tricks

Cooking with Design Systems


What is Lean UX?

O’Reilly Ideas

Issue #114

Product Design Weekly

studio.zeldman is people


Is there room for deconstructionist design in technology any longer?


Issue #246

Responsive Design Weekly

Streamline Your Design Efforts

All You Can Learn Blog

The Business And Performance Art Of Freelancing

The Creative Party

10 Ideas Worth Sharing This Week

Josh Spector

Smashing Magazine Case Study

Sara Soueidan

Becoming a Better Designer

Anton Sten

The Tactical Deployment Of Fun


When to DIY and When to Delegate Small-Business Tasks


Review: Pricing Design



What I Read in 2016

Tim Kadlec

How to Annotate and Document UX Deliverables

UX Booth

Before dive into React

Henrique Alves

Design Systems in 2016 and how to make your own

UX Planet

Insisting on Core Development Principles

A List Apart

Episode 243: Rapidfire 79

Shop Talk Show

A Few Of Our Favorites: October

A Book Apart

Learning Atomic Design


Presenting Design


Progressively Enhanced React Website


How To Win Approval For Your Work

Creative Bloq

How to Invoice Clients and Get Paid Every Time

Freelance Advocate

Teamwork is harder than you think

Stacking Bricks Podcast

7 Tips to Calculate Your Freelance Rate


On Design Systems: Sell The Output, Not The Workflow

Smashing Magazine

Designing the Unseen


Pattern Tables


Step into my studio and get a behind the scenes look on a project


Concepting Methods

Amin Al Hazwani

Element Collages… are FUN!

Cloud Four

Content & Display Patterns with Expressive CSS

John Polacek

Patterns in Learning Experience Design

Kristin Anthony

Quipsology No. 29

Under Consideration

Pricing Design by Dan Mall


Responsive Web Design: Patterns & Principles


Content display patterns


Of Patterns And Power: Web Standards Then & Now

Issue #196

CSS Weekly

5 Tips for Making More Money as a Freelance Designer


99U Local Series Curates Creative Talks For You And You And You


Style Guides with Jeremy Keith

How to Get Hired: Advice From Creative Directors


Getting Started with Modules and Modular Front-End Development


3 things you need to be a creative director


Getting Small with Modular Design as QA


A Good Primer on Pricing


Designers Should Get Out Of Photoshop

Technically Philly

Responsive Web Design with Adobe Photoshop


Web Developer Reading List: Clients, Contracts and Portfolios

The New Code

Studio Visit: Getting Tacos with Dan Mall of SuperFriendly

The Philadelphia Egotist

5 Tips for Positioning and Pricing Your Work


Pricing the Web

A List Apart

Adobe and Mobile

Updates to the Photoshop and Lightroom Family of Products


Why Every Media Website Redesign Looks the Same


Using Element Collages to Improve the Design Process


Speaking Up

Sam Kapila

Responsive Web Design is Hard/Easy

Your Majesty

AEA Resources: Hot Links From An Event Apart Boston

An Event Apart

Dan Mall (and Element Collages) To The Rescue!


Interview: Shane Mielke

Interactive Design Archive

Inside the TechCrunch Redesign with Dan Mall


Responsive Design Weekly #79

Responsive Design Weekly

The Element Collage

Amazee Labs

Responsive Web Design: 6 Experts, 4 Questions

Creative Bloq

Here’s an App to Help You Find a Local “Find”

NY Times

NoChains Wants To Help You To Find The Best Cuisine In NYC


Responsive Interview with Daniel Mall

Responsive Design Newsletter

Tools vs Materials

Travis Swicegood

No Project Managers! A Q&A with Jay Fanelli of Full Stop and United Pixelworkers

Brett Harned

Visual design explorations


The One Person You Can Convince to Be a Public Speaker

Ladies In Tech

Web Design and Mobile Trends for 2013 eBook: download it for free!


Dan Mall on The Businessology Show

Creative Bloq

What We Learned in 2012

A List Apart

50 iPad Apps Budding Designers Should Download Now

Gizmodo UK

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Deliverable

Association for Computing Machinery

An Interview with Dan Mall

The Industry

20 Leading Web Designers’ Desks For Your Inspiration

Creative Bloq

Dan Mall on The Great Discontent

The Great Discontent

Dan Mall on The Pastry Box

The Pastry Box

Invisible Deliverables


Invisible Deliverables

Method & Craft

Everything About Liz