Work #

  1. Sketched out some new ideas for a soon-to-debut SuperFriendly service offering that a few clients are beta testing
  2. Held 1-on-1 coaching sessions with SuperFriendly Directors Isa Sousa and Anton Sten
  3. Conducted onsite workshop with new client with Josh Clark and Brad Frost
  4. Debrief meeting with client
  5. Confirmed workshop dates with a new prospective client
  6. Chatted with Derek Featherstone about a new project
  7. Followed up over email with a prospective client to try and line up some upcoming work
  8. Discussed with team whether we should do projects with two prospective clients
  9. Chatted with Anthony Armendariz and Joe Rinaldi about a potential collaboration between Funsize and SuperFriendly
  10. Braintrust meeting with a SuperFriendly team about template design
  11. Lurked silently in a meeting between all SuperFriendly Producers
  12. Talked to three prospective clients
  13. Caught up with Afyia Smith about the new Shop Talk Show site
  14. Sat in on a working session between Jina Anne and Ian Frost about building a prototype for a current client
  15. Chatted with Jessi Hall, Crystal Vitelli, and Joe Rinaldi about how to improve the way we do value pricing
  16. Recorded a podcast episode for a soon-to-debut podcast
  17. Interviewed a strategist
  18. Weekly business development chat with Joe Rinaldi

Personal #

  1. Ate mediocre sushi with Em
  2. Went to 6-month dental checkup
  3. Played basketball in a 5:30am game
  4. Participated in the Philly Collective Sunrise Meet Up at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
  5. Took Sidda to the aquarium
  6. Went to IKEA with the fam

Up Next

Better Webcam Video