Work #

  1. Braintrust meeting for client project
  2. Talked to Brad Frost about new potential project
  3. Interviewed new content strategist with Jessi Hall
  4. Client presentation for recommendations
  5. Business development check-ins with Joe Rinaldi
  6. Talked project strategy with Geof Crowl
  7. Started new blog post draft for SuperFriendly site
  8. Team retrospective on year-long design system project
  9. Pitched new project to existing client
  10. Project check-in with Jina Anne
  11. Chat with Afyia Smith about Shop Talk Show site
  12. Scheming with Joshua Blankenship & Matt Cook
  13. Prepped with Big Medium team about upcoming project deliverables
  14. Contract negotiations with a new hire
  15. Created 2 drafts of an infrastructure diagram for a client
  16. Lunch with Kevin Deal
  17. Studio meeting about how we could better onboard SuperFriends with Jessi Hall, Crystal Vitelli, and Joe Rinaldi

Personal #

  1. Hosted a friend of Sidda’s for a playdate, and sent Charlie to one of her friend’s houses for a playdate
  2. Played in the weekly Monday night basketball game
  3. Accidentally went back to Serpico with Em
  4. Tried out a new babysitter
  5. Drove Em to the airport
  6. Solo parented for a few days while Em was out of town
  7. Posted a 50th picture to my photography site
  8. Talked to my therapist about openness and playfulness
  9. Dropped off dry cleaning
  10. Picked up prescriptions
  11. Ate burgers with the kids
  12. Bought supplies for some crafts
  13. Went grocery shopping for fruits and veggies
  14. Tried out a new system for sorting mail in the house

Up Next

Weeknotes: February 23–February 29, 2020