Work #

  1. Posted about SuperFriendly Q1 OKRs
  2. Prepped for this month’s core team meeting
  3. Workshopped with Greg Sarault
  4. 1-on-1s with Jessi Hall, TJ Pitre, and Matt Sherlock
  5. Talked to Jenn Piatkowski about branding and illustration project
  6. Gave career advice to a client
  7. Biz dev chats with Joe Rinaldi
  8. Schemed with Noël Jackson
  9. Wrote SuperFriendly Q2 OKRs
  10. Talked to Abby Fretz, Crystal Vitelli, and Joe Rinaldi about 2 new business opportunities
  11. Pruned SuperFriendly backlog
  12. Reviewed SuperFriendly backlog with Crystal Vitelli and Southleft
  13. Internal sync about upcoming presentation with Crystal Vitelli, Joshua Blankenship, Matt Cook, and Joe Rinaldi
  14. Schemed with Emily Edwards
  15. Talked to Vitaly Friedman about Smashing Conference workshop ideas
  16. Wrote about how my schedule has changed recently
  17. Talked to a student about her final project
  18. Talk to Jina Anne and her conference production team about Clarity Conference
  19. Weekly studio chat about Executive Producers and Executive Directors with Crystal Vitelli and Joe Rinaldi
  20. Worked on SuperFriendly site updates
  21. Taught Design Systems class with special guest Nathan Curtis
  22. Talked to Jon Jackson about new project

Personal #

  1. Watched episodes 7 and 8 of The Last Dance
  2. Finished Waco
  3. Hiked the Belmont Plateau Trails
  4. Started (and abandoned) Dragon Ball Super: Broly Online
  5. Watched Sonic the Hedgehog
  6. The kids finished the final season of Full House… and proceeded to start it all over again
  7. I realized I haven’t listened to music in a long time. I fired up Spotify and played undiscriminatingly through new releases. Specifically enjoyed ZEROZEROZERO from Mogwai
  8. Finished Delivering Happiness
  9. Started reading Stiff and The Challenger Sale
  10. Painted the kids’ rooms
  11. Watched Jeff Bartlett’s new film, Choosing to Live
  12. Slept an average of 7 hours and 22 minutes per night. Average bedtime: 10:00pm. Average wake up time: 5:55am.

Up Next

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