Work #

  1. Raised $13,770.70 for community bail funds
  2. Talked to Mike Carbone about a new product
  3. Workshopped SuperFriendly digital ecosystem with Crystal Vitelli and TJ Pitre
  4. Talked to Brad Frost about client wrap-up meetings
  5. Hosted SuperFriendly Directors’ Roundtable with Isa Sousa, Geof Crowl, Joshua Blankenship, and James Hall about including more Black people on our teams
  6. Team building conversation with Crystal Vitell, Joshua Blankenship, Matt Cook, and Joe Rinaldi about bringing more Black people onto the project
  7. Biz dev check-in with Joe Rinaldi about bringing more Black people onto new projects
  8. Calls with Lauren & Kevin Deal from July Five, Dontae Benn, Jennifer Benn, Jon Jackson, Octavius A. Newman, and Ken Sparks about consulting with SuperFriendly about making better space for Black people
  9. Wrap-up client meeting for Design System Diagnostic project with Greg Sarault and Brad Frost
  10. Reviewed client SOW for Jessi Hall
  11. 1-on-1s with Crystal Vitelli, Isa Sousa, and Anton Sten
  12. Reviewed budget spreadsheets for Matt Cook
  13. Mapped out SuperFriendly teams visualizations with Crystal Vitelli
  14. Talked to an event organizer about creating more space for Black people
  15. Talked to client designers about severance packages
  16. Guest spoke to Neville Vakharia’s and Glen Muschio’s Cutural Planning & Digital Storysharing Drexel class about doing tech work
  17. SuperFriendly braintrust about making better space for Black people with Jennifer Benn, Dontae Benn, Lauren Deal, Kevin Deal, Octavius A. Newman, Jon Jackson, Ken Sparks, Crystal Vitelli, Jessi Hall, Nikki Loffredo, Matt Sherlock, and Joe Rinaldi
  18. Taught last Drexel Design Systems class of the term about systemic racism
  19. Talked speaking topics with Godswill Umukoro
  20. Creative brief review with Jenn Piatkowski
  21. Schemed with Dontae Benn
  22. Talked about conference involvement with Henri Helvetica

Personal #

  1. The world erupted this week with protests and riots over the murder of George Floyd by police officers, another death in a long string of police brutality against Black people. I’m still processing what I can do to contributing to making it so that this never happens again. I know I can start by condemning this and speaking out against racism, and I’m to put processes in place that make sure it doesn’t just end with that for me. Some specific steps I’m trying:
    • I made it a personal policy to only retweet Black people this week (probably going to do this for longer)
    • Withdrawing from and not agreeing to speak at conferences that aren’t committed to inclusion specifically for Black people and showing it by having as many Black speakers as any other group represented.
    • Some major changes at SuperFriendly (more details to come)
  2. This is also the week that our county moves to yellow phase of our governor’s COVID-19 reopening plan. Our neighbors across the street had a big birthday party. I’m approaching all of this way more conservatively and still trying to quarantine and wear masks outside as much as possible, while balancing that with still easing into re-integrating with the rest of society.
  3. Replaced old bike tires with new ones myself in order to go bike riding as a family. This sounds like an insignificant point, but as someone who is not handy and is uncomfortable around even simple tools like wrenches, I’m incredibly proud of this.
  4. Slept an average of 4 hours and 48 minutes per night. Average bedtime: 10:46pm. Average wake up time: 5:07am. I typically sleep pretty well, and I’m not often aware of whether or not I’m stressed. My lower than average sleep amount is one way I can realize that something’s not right with me.

Watched #

  1. Avengers: Endgame (again)
  2. Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Read #

  1. Started So You Want to Talk About Race, by Ijeoma Oluo
  2. Started How Systems Form and How Systems Break, by Chiang H. Ren
  3. Say Their Names, an open-source platform that raises awareness of the injustice and often forgotten names of racial inequality at the hands of law enforcement.
  4. Introduction to Being an Antiracist, from Kim Crayton
  5. It’s Time We Dealt With White Supremacy in Tech, by Tiffani Ashley Bell
  6. Black Speakers in Tech, by Samantha Bretous
  7. Miro

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