Work #

  1. Talked to Ken Sparks, Dontae Benn, Octavius A. Newman, Kevin Deal, Lauren Deal, and Jon Jackson about a few of their ideas for making more space for Black people at SuperFriendly
  2. Sent out feelers for new team members for a new phase of work with a current client
  3. Finished SuperFriendly product map work
  4. SuperFriendly Systems Team monthly meeting
  5. 1-on-1s with TJ Pitre, Jessi Hall, Anton Sten, Geof Crowl, Crystal Vitelli, and Joe Rinaldi
  6. Interviewed Lauren Deal
  7. Caught up (finally!) with Ben Meszaros from Underbelly
  8. Talked to Nick Hahn with Joe Rinaldi
  9. Biz dev check-in with Joe Rinaldi
  10. Talked to LaRia Rogers about teaching design in higher ed
  11. Recommended team members for two new prospective accounts
  12. First Snack n’ Learn for SuperFriends about Challenger Selling
  13. Talked to Harold Emsheimer from Overcommitted with Joshua Blankenship and Matt Cook about a potential collaboration
  14. Account planning with Jessi Hall, Anton Sten, TJ Pitre, and Joe Rinaldi
  15. Product planning with Crystal Vitelli, TJ Pitre, and Geof Crowl
  16. Caught up with Joshua Blankenship
  17. Caught up with Jamie Kosoy
  18. Extended Drexel class (even though the term is over)
  19. Workshopping with Afyia Smith
  20. Caught up with Sarah Azpeitia
  21. Caught up with Courtney Bradford

Personal #

  1. Set up my new Synology DiskStation DS218+ drive for better backups. Many thanks to Chris Lea for sharing his knowledge and experience about network drives with me.
  2. Did Delaware River Tubing with Emily Mall and Sharon & Jeff Clark. Lost my GoPro HERO8 Black in the water while getting out of the tube.
  3. Slept an average of 6 hours and 54 minutes per night. Average bedtime: 10:41pm. Average wake up time: 6:29am.

Watched #

  1. Interstellar (again)
  2. Dave Chappelle: The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for American Humor

Notable reads #

  1. Fathom Analytics
  2. Building a More Inclusive Design + Venture Ecosystem | Designer Fund
  3. Balanced Teams Diversity Assessment Tool | Atlassian Team Playbook
  4. Reopen Guidance for Child Care Providers During COVID-19
  5. The Black Founder List
  6. Use Slack’s Advanced Search to Find Lost Files, URLs, or the Terrible Jokes None of Your Coworkers…

Up Next

Weeknotes: May 31–June 6, 2020