Work #

  1. Worked 33 hours this week
  2. Commissioned a series of illustrations to do a “Real Heroes Wear Masks” campaign across social channels. Octavius A. Newman art directed it and M. Brian Bowens illustrated it.
  3. New schedule planning and team model workshopping
  4. Client chat with account team (Abby Fretz, Courtney Bradford, and TJ Pitre )
  5. Quarterly planning workshop with Crystal Vitelli
  6. Talked to Able Parris about upcoming pitch
  7. Talked to Jessi Hall about project teams
  8. Talked to Jen Dary about coaching
  9. Monthly SuperFriendly Directors’’ roundtable about working with difficult clients
  10. Talked to J Cornelius about public design systems
  11. Biz dev check-ins with Joe Rinaldi
  12. Workshopped all the things with Lauren Deal
  13. Caught up with Jason Santa Maria
  14. Reviewed icon work with Jenn Piatkowski
  15. Worked on existing client pitch and shared first draft with team
  16. Onboarded Director and Producers for new account team
  17. Weekly SuperFriendly Systems team meeting with Lauren Deal, Crystal Vitelli, Nikki Loffredo, Dontae Benn, Matt Sherlock, and Joe Rinaldi
  18. Client team sync with Jessi Hall, Josh Clark, and Brad Frost
  19. Monthly SuperFriendly Snack n’ Learn led by Crystal about “Projects That Didn’t Go Well”
  20. Talked with Clarity Conference organizers and Michelle Morrison from Dropbox Design
  21. Schemed with Marci Pasanello, Micky Teng, Nick Hahn, and Zach Hauer from Invision with Joe Rinaldi
  22. Talked development approach with Lauren Deal and Kevin Deal
  23. 1-on-1 with Crystal Vitelli
  24. Talked Universal Role Expectations with Emily Meekins from Seer Interactive with Crystal Vitelli
  25. Talked to Mia Blume about leadership coaching
  26. Talked to Tim Shelburne about technical auditing for prospective client

Personal #

  1. Talked analysis paralysis with therapist
  2. Tried out a new therapist
  3. Went to an allergist appointment
  4. Made slow cooker short ribs
  5. Slept an average of 6 hours and 48 minutes per night. Average bedtime: 10:41pm. Average wake up time: 5:53am.

Watched #

  1. Free Solo
  2. Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King
  3. 13th

Notable reads #

  1. Dawn of X Volume 1, by Jonathan Hickman
  2. Son of M, by David Hine, issues 1–6
  3. Tré Seals created Vocal Type to “introduce a non-stereotypical piece of minority culture into the design itself, starting with the basis of any good design—typography.“ I bought all of his amazing typefaces.
  4. I spent a good chunk of the week thinking and reading about what work looks like because of COVID-19. McKinsey reimagined the office, Slack did some surveying, and Gartner made 9 predictions. Reentry anxiety is real. Architects are figuring out how to create more personal space within already-cramped offices. The office of the future is the office of the past.
  5. Tom Muller does all the graphic design for the X-Men books I’m loving lately.
  6. A friend asked about some tips for spacing in design systems. I pointed him at Nathan Curtis’ concepts, Elliot Dahl’s how-tos, and my mental model for flexibility.
  7. Philly Row is a love letter to and an exploration of the versatile and ubiquitous rowhouse building style.
  8. To conditionally format a Google sheet cell based on another cell, create a custom formula that looks like =B2<35.
  9. It’s difficult to find good movies on Amazon Prime, so Lifewire rounded up their top 12 for July 2020.

Up Next

Weeknotes: June 14–June 20, 2020