Work #

  1. Worked 45 hours
  2. Created new templates soon to be open-sourced
  3. Working session with Crystal Vitelli
  4. Revised copy for upcoming course teaser
  5. Monthly SuperFriendly Directors’ roundtable. Topics covered: how making extra things for clients pays off, having an opinion, iOS 14 widgets.
  6. Outlined a customer journey
  7. Design Systems AMA with new team with Joe Rinaldi
  8. Biz dev check-ins with Joe Rinaldi
  9. Progress review on new product with Leslie Camacho and Mike Carbone
  10. Clarity conference host check-in
  11. 1-on-1 with Matt Cook
  12. Design System Diagnostic new version walkthrough with Crystal Vitelli, Willem Schrieks, Ken Sparks, Greg Sarault, Geof Crowl, and TJ Pitre
  13. Built a new landing page for soon-to-be open-sourced templates
  14. Weekly Systems team meeting with Crystal Vitelli, Nikki Loffredo, Dontae Benn, Matt Sherlock, and Joe Rinaldi
  15. Wrote agreement for new project with Jenn Piotkowski
  16. Created a new SuperFriendly onboarding Keynote template
  17. New product review session with Afyia Smith
  18. Talked payroll with Emily Mall and Jon Godwin
  19. Caught up with Derek Featherstone
  20. Account braintrust with Joshua Blankenship, Matt Cook, and Joe Rinaldi
  21. Caught up with Andy Bell
  22. Officially onboarded a new SuperFriendly team of Patrice Embry, Dontae Benn, and Joshua Blankenship (that have already started working on their account for a few weeks 🤦🏽‍♂️)
  23. Selected Clarity Conference diversity scholarship recipients with Lauren Deal, Michelle Morrison, Lauren LoPrete, Dontae Benn, Wes O’Haire, and Jarrett Ford

Personal #

  1. I made the decision to not homeschool the kids this year and instead have them learn virtually at their current Catholic school. It seems like most of the kids in their classes are attending school in-person, and, as I’ve run a fully distributed team for 8 years, I’m a bit worried about the problem of the majority of the class being in-person with my kids and possibly only a handful more being remote. I’ve seen that lead to a much more diminished experience for the remote ones as they tend to be forgotten. I’ll be vigilantly keeping an eye on this.
  2. Our power went out twice this week because of Hurricane Isaias. Luckily, it came back on seconds after it went out each time.
  3. Em and I got takeout from Pizzeria Beddia, formerly the Best Pizza in America.
  4. My current computer (2016 15-inch MacBook Pro) has been randomly turning off every few days. Because it’s the main source of my income, I begrudgingly—and also kinda excitedly—decided to get a new computer (2020 16-inch MacBook Pro) so that I’ll always have two computers as insurance. I’m struggling a bit with balancing the feelings that having not one but two expensive supercomputers seems excessive and indulgent but also simultaneously smart and safe.
  5. On a related note to the new computer, I tried to carve out several days to get the it up and running, but it only took a few hours. I like starting computers from scratch every time rather than restoring from any backups, and here’s the short list of apps I installed (in this order) that made the new computer feel like home very quickly:
    1. Firefox
    2. Dropbox
    3. 1password
    4. Alfred
    5. Shush
    6. Bartender
    7. Notion
    8. Creative Cloud (and with it, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom Classic, Animate, After Effects, and Media Encoder)
    9. Divvy
    10. Figma
    11. FontExplorer X (fonts took the longest to copy over)
    12. Day-O 3
    13. Slack
    14. Edison Mail
    15. Amphetamine
  6. Took the kids to their dentist appointment
  7. Just got an email that the smart air conditioner Kapsul I backed on Kickstarter in April 2016 is now shipping 🤷🏽‍♂️
  8. Played Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  9. Played a lot of Taboo and War this week
  10. Entered the girls in The Littlest Bailout
  11. Slept an average of 5 hours and 53 minutes per night. Average bedtime: 11:00am. Average wake up time: 5:27am.

Watched #

  1. Two episodes of Supermarket Sweep
  2. Vivarium
  3. Half of Star Trek Into Darkness (again)
  4. Palm Springs
  5. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  6. NBA: Clippers vs. Trail Blazers, Lakers vs. Pacers, and Bucks vs. Mavericks

Notable reads #

  1. Superman: Lois & Clark #1
  2. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Classic Starts Series)
  3. Chapters 1–3 of The Secret Garden
  4. Autonomy isn’t the same as independence.
  5. Not all failures are created equal.
  6. /purpose suggests that “the world would be a better place if the people trying to shape it spoke openly and plainly about their vision for the future.”
  7. /schedule has been incredibly helpful for me in writing messages during my early morning work hours without having them posted until more overlapping business hours.
  8. I fixed a WordPress error by changing continue to continue 2;. Programming is weird sometimes.

Up Next

Weeknotes: July 26–August 1, 2020