Work #

  1. Worked 27 hours
  2. Announced Arcade
  3. Kicked off new project with Jenn Piatkowski
  4. Kicked off Julia Fernandez’s internship
  5. Caught up with Dontae Benn
  6. Biz dev check-ins with Joe Rinaldi
  7. 1-on-1 with Matt Cook
  8. Talked design systems with Laura Griffee
  9. Talked career growth with Ahmad Kazi
  10. Arcade team meeting with Mike Carbone and Leslie Camacho
  11. Prep meeting with team 🤖⚡️
  12. Weekly Systems team meeting
  13. Caught up with Patrice Embry
  14. 1-on-1 with Isa Sousa
  15. Monthly Snack n’ Learn by Jacqueline Velasquez-Ross
  16. New account planning with Brad Frost and Joe Rinaldi
  17. Hosted SuperFriendly orientation for Jordi Castells
  18. Talked design systems with Carlos Baez
  19. Talked design systems with Mike Aparicio
  20. Talked to Andy Kim from Vocatio School
  21. Clarity Mentorship Circles Planning with Lauren Deal, Dontae Benn, and Dropbox Design team

Personal #

  1. My kids started virtual school. It’s a mess! But we’re figuring it out.
  2. The kids and I found YouTube clips of their favorite movies and shows and overdubbed them performing the audio. So silly and so much fun!
  3. Slept an average of 7 hours and 10 minutes per night. Average bedtime: 11:52pm. Average wake up time: 7:27am.

Watched #

  1. Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (again)
  2. NBA playoffs

Notable reads #

  1. Amazon design systems architect Danny Banks transcribed his talk, “An Introduction to Multi-Platform Design Systems.”
  2. Author Blair Enns shares The Magic Email, a simple template that you can use to raise deals from the dead.
  3. Icon Slate continues to be my favorite tool for creating favicons.
  4. TypeWknd is a brand-new, online-only type conference for those who see, draw, make, study, and sell type.
  5. Statamic creator Jack McDade’s upcoming course Radical Design looks awesome.

Up Next

Weeknotes: August 30–September 5, 2020