Work #

  1. Worked 32 hours
  2. I pulled my first all-nighter in years. (I did a “stay up until 3:30am to finish a presentation” a few weeks ago, but this one was working a full day and rolling right into the next day without sleeping.) I never want to do that again.
  3. Did some design for Arcade
  4. Prepped for a conversation with a new prospective client
  5. Talked to Sahil Lavingia about Arcade
  6. Workshopped with SuperFriendly team Immortal Tacos on their work for the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center
  7. Caught up with with Ed Usyznski from FamilyLife
  8. Talked to Lina Calin and Nicole Hampton about new SuperFriendly projects
  9. Working session with Crystal Vitelli
  10. Monthly check-in with Nikki Loffredo
  11. Biz dev check-ins with Crystal Vitelli and Joe Rinaldi
  12. Talked to new prospective client about how we’d like to work with them with Brad Frost and Joe Rinaldi
  13. Talked to Eleanor Morgan from InVision
  14. Talked with Michelle Morrison, Lauren LoPrete, Jarrett Ford, and Wes O’Haire from Dropbox Design and Lauren Deal about mentorship
  15. Brainstorming with Nicole Hampton, Crystal Vitelli, Tim Shelburne, Greg Storey, and Joe Rinaldi about new client account strategy
  16. Talked to Sara Soueidan about new work
  17. 1-on-1 with Isa Sousa
  18. Chatted with to Andrew Rohman from Knapsack
  19. Arcade weekly planning with Julia Fernandez, Mike Carbone, and Leslie Camacho
  20. Talked to Chloe Oddleifson from Dribbble
  21. Talk to Demian Borba from Adobe XD team with Mike Carbone, and Leslie Camacho

Personal #

  1. I took my kids on a hike to Ricketts Glen State Park to hunt for some waterfalls while Em had some friends over.
  2. I lost my wallet and didn’t even realize it. A kind man named Jason returned it fully intact.
  3. Max turned 1!
  4. We met up with Octavius and his family for pizza and salads on the beach.
  5. Slept an average of 4 hours and 57 minutes per night. Average bedtime: 10:31pm. Average wake up time: 5:34am.

Watched #

  1. NBA Conference finals: Celtics vs. Heat and Nuggets vs. Lakers
  2. The Most Dangerous Game
  3. Ted Lasso
  4. Blackballed

Notable reads #

  1. The absolute best hook in the first mile of a user experience is DOING things proactively for the user.
  2. Check your voter registration at Up To Us.
  3. Unblast has free design resources to download.
  4. “What I’ve experienced over and over again is a mindset where teams across domains, brands, or businesses tend to think their products are unique. The truth is they’re far more alike than different,” Hayley Hughes wisely observes in Bringing Context To Design Systems.

Up Next

Weeknotes: September 13–September 19, 2020