Work #

  1. Worked 34 hours
  2. 2021 SuperFriendly planning with Crystal Vitelli
  3. Schemed with Matt Kenefick

  4. Caught up with Sam Katz
  5. Coaching session with Jen Dary
  6. Working session with Crystal Vitelli
  7. Caught up with Zach Williams
  8. Workshopped with Athena Gardner
  9. Biz dev check-ins with Crystal Vitelli and Joe Rinaldi
  10. Internal project handoff with Lina Calin, Abby Fretz, and Joe Rinaldi
  11. Schemed with Ivan Askwith
  12. Sent out SuperFriendly holiday gift exchange assignments
  13. Project handoff meeting with client
  14. Review meeting with Immortal Tacos
  15. Caught up with Matt Walker
  16. Weekly Arcade team meeting
  17. Arcade new site design critique
  18. Wrote new SOW for a current client
  19. Design systems workshop with Chromatic
  20. SuperFriend holiday eatfest
  21. Design Systems industry peers meeting
  22. Schemed with Joe Rinaldi
  23. Schemed with Celso White

Personal #

  1. Closed on our dream house!
  2. Moved into our dream house!
  3. Got a smart home consultation
  4. Got internet set up
  5. Had my parents over for lunch to see the new place
  6. Did some new house shopping for Staples at HomeSense and Target
  7. Discovered that we have a Wegmans nearby!
  8. Slept an average of 6 hours and 27 minutes per night. Average time in bed: 7 hours and 30 minutes. Average bedtime: 10:37pm. Average wake up time: 5:57am.

Watched #

  1. The Mandalorian, chapters 15–16

Notable reads #

  1. X-Factor (2020) #4
  2. Wolverine (2020) #6
  3. Dann Petty launched his awesome new design mentorship class.
  4. Flash changed how we communicate,” by Tom Green.
  5. I’m eyeing a few Wüsthof sets for my new kitchen.
  6. The Zoox site by Dogstudio is gorgeous.

Up Next

Weeknotes: December 6–December 12, 2020